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How to Winterize Hardy Mums

There are few flowers more popular in the fall than mums, but their difficulty living through winter have many gardeners treating them as annuals instead of perennials. Temperatures in Illinois can dip far below freezing, but that doesn’t mean your mums can’t survive Mother Nature’s onslaught unscathed. Winterizing mums can guarantee they’ll be ready to…

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Don’t Forget To Water Plants During Dry Spells

When Mother Nature decides the area can go a while without any rainfall, but still deal with high temperatures, it can lead to serious complications with your outdoor plants. A drought or dry spell means your plants are going without the most necessary resource they need to survive. If they don’t get enough water, then…

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The Proper Way To Plant A Tree…Anytime

Man happy to plant a tree

Spring and fall aren’t the only times you can plant a tree. Trees can be planted any time of the year as long as the ground isn’t frozen. They’re not like flowers or vegetables that have specific growing times, but trees do need to be planted properly if they’re going to grow tall and strong.…

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The Proper Way To Pull Weeds In the Summer

You’ve recently planted your garden and things are going well until you notice a few dastardly weeds poking through. You know if they go unchecked, they can choke out your plants, so it’s time to take off the kid gloves and prepare to knock out those weeds. Pulling weeds is a staple of gardening, but…

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Controlling The Insect Menace of Japanese Beetles

With summer comes the endless stream of insects trying to gobble up your garden and turn your plants into their evening meal. Japanese Beetles may look beautiful with their metallic-green shimmer and copper colored wings, but these monsters can make short work of your favorite plants. Learn the best way to control these insects and…

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Annuals or Perennials: A Gardner’s Tough Decision

With June being Perennial month, it’s a good time to decide if they the right plant for your garden or if you should choose annuals instead. Each group has their own strength and weaknesses that make them a good choice depending on the type of gardener you are. What’s the Difference between Perennial and Annuals?…

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