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Gardening Tips

Fall Is The Perfect Time For Planting

Fall plants with strong roots.

As the temperature starts to drop in the evenings, summer slowly leads to fall. When temperatures drop, we stop thinking about our gardens and begin worrying about the winter freeze. Fall is actually the perfect time to begin planting, so stop thinking about winter and use fall to your best advantage. Colder temperatures make plants…

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Let Hydrangeas Be Your Garden Showpiece

hydrangea flowering bush

A flowering Hydrangea is an eye catcher by itself. When you have an entire shrub blooming, it is a sight to behold with its gorgeous hues of blue, lavender, pink, red and white. They bloom during the late spring and summer and even into the fall, but they can be temperamental. If you want to…

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Spring Preparation

We survived the Snowpocalypse and the sub-sub-subzero temperatures for another year. When the temperatures rise and the grass starts to green, it’s time to think about spring planting. If you want your garden and flower beds looking lush and colorful this season, then it’s time to prepare. Order Your Plants Now Just because there might…

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Putting Your Perennial Garden To Bed For Winter

Winter is coming. Before the snow covers the ground and it hardens into concrete, prepare your perennial garden for winter and put the plants to bed. With a little help from you, they’ll be ready to sprout up again in the spring. Start With Cutting and Pruning Your perennials come back up come spring, but…

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What To Do With Your Pumpkin Post-Halloween

jack-o-lantern pumpkin after Halloween

Stores and orchards are filled with every type and size of pumpkin and only a small fraction make it into a pie. The rest are placed inside and outside the home for spooky decorations, but what happens once the holiday is over and you have 10 pumpkins sitting in your front yard. Don’t just toss…

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Don’t Forget To Water Plants During Dry Spells

When Mother Nature decides the area can go a while without any rainfall, but still deal with high temperatures, it can lead to serious complications with your outdoor plants. A drought or dry spell means your plants are going without the most necessary resource they need to survive. If they don’t get enough water, then…

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