Let Hydrangeas Be Your Garden Showpiece

hydrangea flowering bush

A flowering Hydrangea is an eye catcher by itself. When you have an entire shrub blooming, it is a sight to behold with its gorgeous hues of blue, lavender, pink, red and white. They bloom during the late spring and summer and even into the fall, but they can be temperamental. If you want to…

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Spring Preparation

We survived the Snowpocalypse and the sub-sub-subzero temperatures for another year. When the temperatures rise and the grass starts to green, it’s time to think about spring planting. If you want your garden and flower beds looking lush and colorful this season, then it’s time to prepare. Order Your Plants Now Just because there might…

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Protecting New Trees from Frost & Animals

Winter is hard on new trees and many have died because of harsh conditions the season brings. Even trees planted for a few years can succumb to the many problems winter’s savage temperatures. There are ways to protect trees and keep them healthy until the renewing rains of spring replenish them. One of the most…

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Falls Is The Best Time To Plant Trees

planting trees in the fall

When spring hits, nurseries have a large selection of trees and flowers. It’s natural to think that this is the perfect time to plant trees, but actual conditions are better in fall. It may seem counterintuitive since the sun is shining, the leaves are green and growth is everywhere, but you might want to wait.…

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