Color Your World With Roses

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and Cupid readies his arrows for Valentine’s Day. Roses are a popular gift, but don’t just grab the first ones on the shelf. There are many types of roses and each color has a special meaning.

If you want to go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day or any day, then tell your significant other about what the flower color symbolizes and why you choose it for him or her.


The red rose symbolizes love and is the quintessential Valentine’s Day color. It’s all about true love and passion that lasts far longer than the holiday.


The red rose symbolizes love and is the quintessential Valentine’s Day color. It’s all about true love and passion that lasts far longer than the holiday.


Yellow roses are the double-edged sword of flowers. Traditionally, they symbolize jealously and infidelity. Husbands and wives might want to skip this color for Valentine’s Day. In modern times, it represents friendship and good cheer. Huzzah!


Pink roses go great with a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. The color represents grace and elegance. Does that fit your wife or husband?


Blue roses are the epitome of mystery as they are not traditionally found in nature. They are created by dyeing white roses. They represent mystery and intrigue. It’s also associated with royalty because of
its connection to blue bloods. If you’ve got a crush and want to give them something from a secret admirer, then blue roses are the perfect choice.


The process of creating rainbow roses involves splitting the stem and placing each piece in a different color of water. The colored water changes those petals into that color. There’s not traditional symbolism to the rainbow roses, but they could connect with the LBGTQ movement.


This light and understated color represents modesty and gratitude. It’s perfect for a non-romantic thank you gift or for young love.


Orange is color filled with energy and passion, but not necessarily romantic passion. If your significant other loves to exercise, you might grab a dozen orange roses.


No, there are not roses made from the fish. Salmon colored roses are somewhere between pink and peach, but too different to by either one. They represent desire and excitement. If you don’t mind a flower that sounds like it’s swimming upstream, then salmon roses are great.


Cream colored roses are similar, but not exactly like white roses. It’s a more sedate than its stark white counterpart. This color represents charm and thoughtfulness.


If you want something little magical, then purple roses are known for pride and enchantment. Harry Potter probably had a few of these for Ginny through the years. It’s also connected royalty.


A darker shade than it red counterpart, the burgundy rose represents unconscious beauty. If the love of your life doesn’t think she’s beautiful, then these roses let her know that she is.


Green roses are rare, but they are natural and not dyed or a hybrid. These unique roses symbolize growth and fertility like most green flowers.

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