Your landscape is something that you and your neighbors will see everyday. It is important to keep things looking their best! Unlike static ornamentation, plants continue to grow and need regular maintenance. Without it, your landscape becomes overgrown and/or your flower beds become unsuitable for your plants.

Ekana Nursery & Landscaping offers seasonal maintenance services so you can enjoy your space & let us do all of the work. Your yard is an investment! Don’t let overgrown trees and shrubs lower its value.


Maintenance Services

Tree & Shrub

Trimming, Pruning, and Planting

Flower Bed

Culture and Care

Edging & Mulching

For Flower Beds and Trees

Water Gardens

One way to add something special to a landscape is by adding a water feature. Water features create a peaceful atmosphere in every space and allow you to express your creativity. We specialize in designing ponds, waterfalls, and fountains;  sometimes combining several!

These specialty landscape features offer even more value to our customers that choose to put fish or water plants into their water gardens. Water falls are great for ponds intended for plants and/or fish because they provide sufficient aeration and help prevent algae.

In need of some design ideas? Stop by our retail store to talk with a member of our staff! We can discuss your preferences, show you pictures of our previous work, and begin the process of designing your own water feature. Click here to view additional pictures of water features.

Water Garden
Ekana Nursery & Landscaping Store Pond


  • Preparation

    of planting beds and gardens

Most lawns need preparation before any planting. Is the area right for sun exposure and drainage? Are there stumps, rocks or other debris needs to be removed? We’ll help you get everything ready for planting shrubs, trees and gardens.

  • Installation

    of Trees and Shrubs

Our knowledgeable staff can help you with the selection of the proper plants for the area you would like to improve.

  • Creation

    of Beautiful Flower Beds and Container Gardens

Landscaping is a mix of art and science. We can help you create beautiful container gardens and flower beds that complement the colors of your home and lawn. Transform your boring lawn into a landscaping masterpiece and be the envy of your neighborhood.




Retaining Walls



Hardscapes are the “built” part of your landscaping that includes concrete, pavers, patios, retaining walls, planters and more. Softscapes are anything alive such as trees, shrubs and flowers. The two go together to create the overall landscape and both are very important.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, hardscapes help with drainage issues. You can have solid materials that help drain water off the property or more porous materials that help soak up the water. It’s a delicate balance between hardscapes and softscapes.

Too much one way or the other can make your property look too sterile, in the case of hardscape, or jungle-like, in the case of softscape. We can work with you to develop an overall plan that makes your property look amazing.

Landscape Remodeling